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Pipes: (1/2" thickness)
  • 8" - 10
  • 10" - 3
  • 12" - 4
  • 18" - 4
  • 24" - 3
  • 29" - 1 (custom cut)
  • 32" - 1 (custom cut)

  • 6 flanges
  • 10 3-way tees
  • 13 90-degree elbows

  • 6' - 2
  • 2'6" - 2

Glossy black spraypaint
Wood stain (optional)


Some pipe lengths are not available for retail purchase, but custom lengths over 18" can be cut in-store. The pine boards can also be cut down from their stock lengths to their final lengths in-store.

To drill the holes, pick a flat wood bit with a circumference slightly larger than your pipe, but smaller than the 90-degree fittings.

Drill holes in the front corners of the small boards, about 2" from each end and 3/4" from the front edge.

Repeat the process with the large boards, adding a 3rd hole which lines up with the right-most hole on the small boards.

Sand the edges of your cuts and sand/stain the shelves if desired.


Scrub the grease off the pipes and fittings with a strong dishsoap. Be prepared -- this is a labor-intensive process!

When the pipes are clean and dry, cover them with two coats of glossy black spraypaint.

Put it together!


Assemble the bottom legs with flanges and attach them to the first set of horizontal shelf supports, then add the next set of vertical pipes. Lay the first shelf down on top, fitting the pipes through the holes. The shelf should rest evenly on a 3-way tee fitting in the front, and a 90-degree elbow fitting in the back.

Continue one shelf at a time until the unit is fully assembled.

Attach the top flanges to the wall with drywall anchors.

Go decorate!

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